Year 6 Whitby - Wednesday

Wednesday 19th November

Hard to capture today! 23 amazing children took on the challenge of a 6 mile cliff-top walk from Whitby to Robin Hood's Bay. The weather was kind - a little cloudy at times but mostly bright so we could enjoy the brilliant views across the sea. It was rocky in places and we had to climb down to sea level as the streams crossed our path on their way down to the sea - at one stage we had to carefully navigate big rocky stepping stones to ford the stream while at other places there were small bridges - you could just imagine a troll crouching under some of them. Everyone was cheerful and everyone kept up.

We passed the Whitby fog signal and you could see two huge fog horns on the top of a building pointing out to sea with a lighthouse in the next building. We felt that would keep the boats safely away from the rocks on a foggy day. The cliffs are made of the sedimentary rock we've been learning about and you could see the layers really clearly. It was a long walk and very beautiful and at the end we were all very proud of ourselves - and the rest of the group.