Year 6 Whitby - Tuesday

Tuesday 18th November

Tuesday was packed. It started (after a huge breakfast) in St Mary's church next door to our Youth Hostel. We learned so many facts! There was a photo of Henry Freeman, the only lifeboatman to survive the sinking of the lifeboat in 1861. He was wearing his new corn lifejacket and the other 12 men not wearing one all drowned. 

Our lovely driver, Dazzling,Diamond Des picked us up and drove us to Whitby museum which is PACKED full of intriguing things. We all loved different exhibits: the dinosaur vomit, huge fossils, a chess board made from Whitby jet and ammonites, ships in bottles, a model of Whitby, jewellery made from jet, dolls houses - and The Hand of Glory!

We spent a long time there and had lunch in their fantastic playground where we could play on the best play equipment you've ever seen!

Then down to the harbour and a quick walk to the beach where the waves were crashing and not much beach was left.

From the upper harbour we climbed on board a boat and went to the harbour mouth past the place where the fishing boats unloaded their catch. As we came back along the river Esk a larger boat followed us and as we passed under the bridge it started  to swing open right above our heads. We could get under it but the one behind was too tall so the traffic had to stop while the bridge was opened. We went right up to the new bridge which is huge! As we turned around some of us spotted a head in the water right next to us - it was a seal. It slipped under water again but then popped up and looked at us curiously. As we went back to the harbour it followed us for a lot of the way and you could see whiskers AND bright eyes - in fact it looked a bit like Winston!

After that a treat for us but hard work for the people in The Angel Inn - 29 hot chocolates all covered with delicious mounds of cream!

We explored Whitby a bit more with each group finding its own adventures and then we were back up the 199 steps for diary writing and supper - but not to bed!

After another huge dinner we set off across the bleak dark North York moors to Danby. Here we joined the Dalesmen singers at their Tuesday night rehearsal. They were brilliant! We sat behind the baritones with the basses on our left and the tenors on the right. They had to go over the bits that weren't quite right again and again. The first lot of sings were from World War 1 and then Christmas songs that we could join in with. The last song was a surprise - Bohemian Rhapsody! As we left (after squash and biscuits) we squeezed onto the stairs to listen to the ladies singing in the room above. It was an amazing evening and the Dalesmen singers are not only brilliant but very kind and very funny too!