Meet Our School Council

Our School Council:

Y6 – Keri, Aryan, Diler & Ashley

Y4/5 – Hannah, Donte, Kayden, Michal, Daisy, Jayden & Diya

Y2/3 – Ellie, Caydon, Sydney, Lee, Priscilla & Max

Y1 – Alfie, Natasha, Lauryn & Armand

They will meet with Ms Geran-Haq on a weekly basis to discuss and make decisions about how to make Windale the very best school it can be! 

They will share the views and opinions of their class with the rest of the School Council. The first project they worked on was the school lunch menu. After many discussions, two favourite meals were chosen (pizza & salad and hotdogs & chips) and the School Council held a meeting with the Catering Manager for the whole of the Blackbird Academy Trust. They had to pitch their ideas and Ms Geran-Haq was very impressed with how confidently they spoke and how persuasive they were! As a result of their hard work, a change to the entire Academy menu will start from January. Well done to everyone involved!