Windale School is governed by an Interim Executive Board (IEB) and its members are actively involved with the School and share the Blackbird Academy Trusts schools vision.

The IEB consider the outcomes for the children and the opportunities and experiences that each one has in school and how well they function in terms of the Blackbird Academy Trust vision.

The IEB hold the school to account to secure the same successful outcomes for every single child. They closely monitor the school Action Plan for Improvement, scrutinizing the evidence of impact of actions taken as the school moves out of Special Measures, the IEB will be replaced by a Local Governing Body and to ensure this transition is smooth, a shadow Local Governing Body will work alongside the IEB for a period of at least 3 months. 

IEB Members


Chris Scrivener (Chair)

Katie Geran-Haq


Tom James


Gill Wilson


Tim Brighouse


Cath Haynes


Nicola Swales


Nigel Hamway